MCG-WEBV :A Real-World Web Video Database from MCG, ICT, CAS

Here we introduce and release a WEB Video (MCG-WEBV) benchmark dataset for web video analysis. It includes the most popular videos on YouTube, the keyframes for all the videos, six kinds of multi-modality features for these videos covering visual, textual, audio and web statistical aspects, the ground-truth of 81 hot web topics from human annotation, and the labels of 15 video categories from YouTube website. Many applications such as topic discovery and track, web video categorization etc. can be implemented and evaluated on this dataset, and we believe that MCG-WEBV will provide a significant foundation for web video research. MCG-WEBV is further divided into two subparts, CoreData and ExpandData. The CoreData contains the "Most Viewed" videos of "This month" from the 15 categories on YouTube, and the ExpandData contains their related videos and ones uploaded by the same authors. The version 1.0 includes the videos from Dec. 2008 to Feb.2009, with 3283 core videos and 76748 expanded videos. The database is updating every month.  Read More »

MCG-Skin :A Benchmark Human Skin Database from MCG, ICT, CAS

Here we introduce and release a human skin benchmark dataset for skin detection in color images, i.e., MCG-Skin dataset. It includes 1,000 images collected from Internet with variable ambient lights, confusing backgrounds, and diversity of human races. The ground-truth of human skin in these images is also provided, and there are nearly40,000,000 skin pixels in all.  Read More »



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